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My books are the foundation of my career in research, teaching, and innovation. Each was the outgrowth of my teaching at Brown and Princeton, but each also involved a substantial amount of research, since they are all about developing topics.

This page gives information about the four most important of my books in print. My coauthor for the first two is Kevin Wayne; my coauthor for the second two is the late Philippe Flajolet.

  • A textbook on algorithms, first published in 1983 and now in its fourth edition, that provides useful information about algorithms every programmer should know. A distinctive feature of the book is that it contains full implementations in Java of all the algorithms.
  • An introductory computer science textbook that provides an introduction to the field suitable for any college student. The first half of the book teaches programming in Java.
  • A textbook on the analysis of algorithms¬†that introduces college students to the concepts and techniques from discrete mathematics needed to analyze the performance of computer programs.
  • A graduate-level monograph introducing analytic combinatorics, a calculus for studying properties of discrete structures.

Developed over many years and multiple editions and versions, these books are my best effort at explaining to others what I have learned.

Computer Science Hardcover book navy blue with text 'An Interdisciplinary Approach' by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne

Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach

by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne

Algorithms, Fourth Edition

by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne

Purple book cover Analysis of Algorithms by Robert Sedgewick and Phillippe Flajolet

An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms

by Robert Sedgewick and Philippe Flajolet

Purple book cover 'Analytic Combinatorics' Philippe Flajolet and Robert Sedgewick

Analytic Combinatorics

by Robert Sedgewick and Philippe Flajolet